VIDEO: Holly Holm fires back at Cris Cyborg following recent drug testing complaint

Holly Holm has uncharacteristically fired back at UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg, following the Brazilian’s latest social media complaint.

Holly Holm has had enough of Cyborg’s constant social media complaints.

Cyborg (18-1-0, 1 NC) is unhappy with the amount of times she has been tested by USADA and recently took to her Twitter page to let her feelings be known. She wants Holly Holm to be tested just as many times as she is.

“It’s clear #usada is targeting me. I have been tested 3 times in less than a month even though I don’t have a signed bout agreement. I am a clean athlete and support USADA Testing as it gives me a chance to prove to my fans I am competing clean. With that said, I want to make sure Holly Holm is being tested with the same number of tests leading up to our #ufc219 main event. If they show up at my house at 6am then I want them to show up at Holly Holm’s house at 6am the same amount of times!!! @JacksonWink_MMA has had more athletes than any other gym in MMA suspended by USADA and because of this I want a guarantee that both Athletes will be tested the same amount of times between now and our fight Dec. 30th” Cyborg wrote.

Holm (11-3-0) has now responded in a video on her Instagram page. The Preacher’s Daughter completely shut down Cyborg’s latest complaint, exposing it as inaccurate. She reveals that she has in fact been tested more times than Cyborg.

So apparently there was a little bit of drama today because USADA went to Cyborg’s house,” Holm replied on Instagram. “I’ve been tested nine times compared to her eight. I’m in no race, and I really don’t care. I just know I can complete clean, and they can test me all the time. So, I just never needed an applause for passing my tests.”

Take a look at the full video below:



  1. Assuming she’s right, good on Holly for setting the record straight. Although not a big fan of Cris, I initially thought she had a valid point, but I guess not so much now. Still, the USADA showing up unannounced at 0600 seems a little uncalled for w/o further explanation.

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