VIDEO: Cris Cyborg lashes out at Holly Holm: “I wanna beat your ass in the cage, sign the contract”

UFC featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg, is furious with bantamweight contender, Holly Holm.


Cris Cyborg is not happy with Holly Holm’s recent Instagram video.

Earlier this week, Cyborg (18-1-0, 1 NC) took to her social media pages to reveal she is unhappy with the amount of times she has been tested by USADA. She wants Holly Holm to be tested just as many times as she is.

Holm (11-3-0) fired back via an Instagram video. The Preacher’s Daughter completely shut down Cyborg’s latest complaint, exposing it as inaccurate. She reveals that she has in fact been tested more times than Cyborg.

So apparently there was a little bit of drama today because USADA went to Cyborg’s house,” Holm replied on Instagram. “I’ve been tested nine times compared to her eight. I’m in no race, and I really don’t care. I just know I can complete clean, and they can test me all the time. So, I just never needed an applause for passing my tests.”

Cyborg is not happy that Holm decided to defend herself, she’s posted a video of her own. In the video she tells Holly Holm “I really wanna kick your ass“, as well as urging her to sign the contract. Take a look at the full video below.



  1. I hope she gets the chance and Holly ends up kicking hers, but alas, I doubt if either will happen, especially the latter.

    1. looking into my creeestyal ball, i see…. a fight starting out quickly, with Cyborg coming in with rage gauge past 100%. Holly can’t punch Borg out, she only has her legs and feet. Cyborg knows this, and will have a counter ready to Holly’s punch-punch-high kick combo.
      It’s going to be a fight which most of us will get queasy at. We all didn’t mind watching Ronda’s head bounce off the mat, she was acting like a total B. But Holly is a friendly down to earth angel, and viewers will be sickened by what Cyborg will do. The ref will have to wrestle cyborg off Holly’s limp body

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