September 23, 2020

VIDEO: Check out Angela Magana’s three part “public apology”

This Saturday at UFC 218, Angela Magana makes her return to the UFC after two years off in a strawweight bout against Amanda Bobby Cooper. Prior to her comeback fight, the ever-controversial Magana has taken to Twitter to share a “public apology” to Cris Cyborg, fight fans, and more. Check out the clips below!

MAGANA: “Okay, so I’m coming here to publicly apologize. That’s one thing I like about Dana– is when he’s wrong he admits it. And I was wrong. So far that, I’m sorry Cyborg…Not! (Giggles). Like really, you think? F*ck that. Anyways, so during the hurricane, I had no telecommunications unless I drove to a certain spot and charged my phone on my solar lamp– actually, it wasn’t even my phone, it was somebody else’s phone, AT&T wasn’t working. So, I had somebody set up a GoFundMe to help me out and to post for me through my Twitter only, and GoFundMe. He raised over $5,000 for me and I was able to do wonderful, wonderful things with that money. So  I thank everybody who participated, no matter if you thought you were flirting with me and that’s why you gave me money.”

MAGANA: “So the guys who were flirting with me…sorry it wasn’t me, you were flirting with a dude. Like a 50-year-old dude. The guys who sent d*ck pics, that wasn’t me who responded, that was this dude. So, I apologize. Like in Puerto Rico, you cant even be based out of Puerto Rico and start a GoFundMe. And I was desperate to save lives. So in my desperation, I got f*cked over. This guy was messaging all types of people, following people I would never follow. I remember after the hurricane I was going through my Twitter– which I still don’t have telecommunications, my phone doesn’t work where I live– and some pornographic sh*t would pop up, and I was like ‘Ooh, what the hell is this?’ and I unfollowed it. I got kids all around me. I got two adopted kids plus my own daughter. I got three kids plus I train kids all the time. So…”


MAGANA: “So people who thought they were talking to me…cause it really was not me. But I also am thankful for the ones who, in the kindness of their heart, donated to the cause because things are still very bad in Puerto Rico…people are still dying, electricity is not in half the island like they say. Don’t believe the sh*t you see, just talk to someone in who lives in Puerto Rico and they’ll tell you. But uh, for any of the post– I wasn’t posting, any message– that wasn’t me, you weren’t conversating with me.  So if there is anyone actually in my real friends, I’m sorry. Bec knew right away. She was like, ‘you didn’t say c**t’, She knew it was not me because I usually call her a c**t. So sorry guys, I f*cked up in my desperation to help others. It will never happen again, trust me.”

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