September 23, 2020

VIDEO: Can Veronika Futina defeat Gabi Garcia? Take a look back at one of her victories and decide for yourself

Things are heating up in the women’s heavyweight division and it looks like Gladiator Fight Team’s Veronika Futina could be the next woman to challenge RIZIN star Gabi Garcia.

Futina believes Gabi Garcia has the boxing skills of a child.

Last week Futina slammed Gabi Garcia during an interview with Rize Up! Podcast. The Russian says that Garcia has the boxing skills of a child, vowing to “tear apart” the Brazilian if the two ever meet. Garcia responded telling Futina “Let’s go”.

Futina trains at the Gladiator Fight Team along with fellow heavyweight competitors and former Gabi Garcia opponents, Anna Maliukova and Oxana Gagloeva. The 31-year-old’s list of accolades in combat sports are endless. She is a 2x world champion in hand-to-hand fighting, 4x champion in Russian hand-to-hand fighting, 2x European champion in hand-to-hand fighting and a champion in Russian Judo.

For fans wanting to see video footage of Futina in action, you can take a look back at one of her hand-to-hand combat victories below. Futina is the woman in the blue helmet.

Middleweight+ World Rankings

Fight fans, do you think Veronika Futina has what it takes to beat Gabi Garcia? Let us know in the comments section below.


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