August 9, 2020

Who is Veronika Futina? All you need to know about Gabi Garcia’s next likely opponent

Things are heating up in the women’s heavyweight division and it looks like Gladiator Fight Team’s Veronika Futina could be the next woman to challenge RIZIN star Gabi Garcia.

Futina is not impressed with Gabi Garcia’s striking abilities.

Both Garcia and Futina have engaged in a war of words over the last few weeks. Futina believes that Garcia has the striking skills of a child and is very confident in her ability to beat her. Meanwhile, Garcia has branded Futina “trash” and a “bitch” and has vowed to hurt her if the two do battle.

Gladiator Fight Team are very hopeful that Futina will fight Garcia at the next RIZIN event and are confident they will emerge with the victory. They have exclusively provided WMMA Rankings with some more details on their latest Russian heavyweight prospect.

Gladiator Fight Team’s official statement:
At the age of fifteen Futina begun training in Judo for three-years, becoming a master of the sport in the process. At 21 she begun boxing and this is where she met the love of her life, fellow MMA fighter Maxim Futin, the pair married in 2011 and have since given birth to two children. In 2013 she decided to try herself in hand-to-hand combat, she credits this as helping her to become more disciplined and responsible. She is a champion in World, Russian and European hand-to-hand combat.

Veronika Futina’s official statement:
Gabi Garcia does not have anything for me. I do not care about her, I just want to build my career in MMA. There is a goal but I do not see any obstacles. I love, respect and appreciate our president and I am proud of our country”.

Take a look back at one of Veronika Futina’s victories below (the girl in the blue):


4 thoughts on “Who is Veronika Futina? All you need to know about Gabi Garcia’s next likely opponent

  1. I have had enough… I dont think anyone truly wants to see much of this… theres just no sport to this… these girls are about as tuff as my 7 year old grand daughter and I think shes already more athletic than either of these girls.. I struggle saying ths but I think your girl actually looked better than the other one. she trys to judo throw gabi it wont work… if it does she will go right into being sybmitted.. What am I if Gabi’s going to actually move fast enough..LMAO

  2. This woman is straight garbage in her stand up striking. Basically she is just a grab her opponent and try to grapple. Gabi Garcia taps her out easily.

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