Valentina Shevchenko losing patience with Nicco Montano for ‘wasting time’: “Prove to everyone that you are not afraid”

Valentina Shevchenko is unhappy with UFC flyweight champion Nicco Montano for ‘wasting time’ and wants her to sign their upcoming bout agreement as soon as possible.

Earlier this week it was reported that the UFC is targeting a women’s flyweight fight between Shevchenko and Montano for the UFC on FOX 30 event on July 28. However, it turns out the fight may not take place due to ongoing injuries and health issues which Montano is suffering.

Shevchenko (15-3) is losing patience with Montano, and took to her social media page to call her out. She believes the champ may be afraid to fight her. Take a look below:



  1. I’m surprised that this is about the first I’ve heard from Valentina on the fight since Nicco gave her interview early last month. Earlier Valentina had said that she wanted to fight Nicco in Chicago in early July but Nicco stated in the interview that she wanted to wait a few weeks for the event in Las Vegas. One would have thought that if Valentina had “sign(ed) the bout agreement (some) time ago,” we would have heard about it. Did I miss the announcement?

    1. No you didn’t. No announcement can be made until all the paperwork comes back, which is exactly what V-Shev has issue with! 🙂 Dana has expressed interest in pairing up those two (“that’s the fight” etc), but that’s about all he’s been able to say. He only tends to drip-feed titbits of info on the bigger fights, that I’ve seen…

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