Valentina Shevchenko is still waiting for UFC flyweight title shot, taunts Nicco Montano


UFC flyweight contender Valentina Shevchenko continues to lobby for a title fight against champion Nicco Montano. And she is getting more strident and pointed with her words.

The UFC is having trouble booking the flyweight title fight between Shevchenko and Montano.

On the MMA Hour, “Bullet” told Ariel Heilwani that she isn’t actively pushing for Montano to vacate the title, but she thinks it’s probably the right thing to do. She said,

“Not yet, we are not at that point, but I think it would be very right to do things like this because if you are not ready to fight, if you don’t want to fight, you have to leave the belt — you cannot hold it.

If you are feeling that you have health issues and you cannot fight for a long time you just have to leave it. When you come back you have a right to fight for this belt again. It’s not the right thing to just hold it and say it’s mine forever. Either you are fighting and defending or you should step out.”

Shevchenko says that Montano told the UFC that should would be ready to come back by the end of the summer, but

“…Nicco said she was ready for July 7thand the they came back to her with July 28th, but she said no. I don’t know what she’s thinking. Maybe she thinks she has done everything she wanted to in her life and she’s ready to go and retire — I don’t know.

I understand that she will be ready some time at the end of the summer. I will be here waiting to fight for the title. She just can’t run all the time, you have to stop sometimes. I just do my job. I never stop training so I’m always in good shape. I just have to wait my time and see how it turns out.”

Shevchenko believes that Montano may be trying to wait her out until she takes another fight. But Shevchenko says that’s not going to happen:

“I think another part of her plan is her thinking that I will lose my patience and ask for another fight. Then I will fight another fight and she will be expecting that something will happen in this fight. I’m waiting for my title fight. It will happen.”

What do you think? Is Montano ducking Shevchenko? Should Valentina take another fight instead?




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  1. I’ll likely never NOT be a V-Shev fan… but she’s doing way too much at this point. Is Montaño an angel in this situation? Absolutely not. Plenty could have been done to make her situation not quite so… I dunno, whatever the hell it is at this point. But if she’s in worse shape now than when she won the belt then it can’t really be anything other than what it is. Valentina isn’t owed anything from any other fighter, not even respect tbh, so her opinion on what should or shouldn’t be happening is inconsequential. Nicco would be wise to say a little more than she has thus far, but that July date is of no real significance; as much as I wanna see the fight, I want to see an ACTUAL competitive fight …I’m prepared to wait for that, and am confused by people that can’t/won’t.

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