UFC’s Polyana Viana fights off man who attempted to rob her

One man in Rio de Janeiro paid the price for attempting to rob a woman…who happened to be UFC strawweight fighter Polyana Viana.

MMA Junkie first reported that on Saturday night at around 8 p.m. local time, a man attempted to steal Viana’s cell phone.

Viana recounted the events to MMA Junkie on Sunday.

“When he saw I saw him, he sat next to me, he asked me the time, I said it, and I saw he wasn’t going to leave. So I already moved to put my cell phone in my waist. And then he said, ‘Give me the phone. Don’t try to react, because I’m armed.’ Then he put his hand over (a gun), but I realized it was too soft.”

Continuing, she detailed how she served justice; “He was really close to me. So I thought, ‘If it’s a gun, he won’t have time to draw it.’ So I stood up. I threw two punches and a kick. He fell, then I caught him in a rear-naked choke. Then I sat him down in the same place we were before and said, ‘Now we’ll wait for the police.'”

Viana was right in front of the entrance to her apartment building when this took place.

“I was fine because he didn’t even react after. Since he took the punches very quickly, I think he was scared. So he didn’t react anymore. He told me to let him go, like ‘I just asked for the time.’ I said, ‘Asked for the time my ass,’ because he saw I was very angry. I said I wouldn’t let go and that I was going to call the police.

Viana provides the following photos.

UFC President Dana White reacted to the situation on Twitter.

Source: Fernanda Prates, MMA Junkie

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    1. Si infatti JR Yuen, mo che è ‘sta cretinata? Per quale cavolo di motivo non avrebbero dovuto far vede la faccio del tipo? La notizia è proprio quella!!
      Che avrebbero dovuto far vedere le chiappe del tizio accanto a loro?!?
      Certo che non sapete dove andare a contestare qualcosa, se non contraddite o non trovate il pelo nell’uovo in ogni c**zo di singola cosa/argomento non siete contenti!! Per carità!!
      Ma che leggete a fa’ se tanto ve urta qualsiasi cosa!! Siete “Polemiche” fatte persona, sai che p**le starvi vicino?!?!😱😱

    2. Idk, I didn’t think it was sleazy, imo. Polyana provided the photos, Dana White posted them, MMA Junkie and several other sources have shared them as well. I think it’s just a sad reality that is part of the story.

      1. MMA is becoming too much of a sad reality. Conor going wild on coke, Khabib assaulting fans, Polyana demolishing this guy’s face and spreading it all over the world. Can we say MMA fighters are sportsmen and not thugs? Stories like this paint a different picture. Yeah yeah yeah I know whatever, but it’s ADDING UP. This kind of stuff will make a good argument to ban the sport. It is our duty to protect the honor of this sport. That’s why I say these pictures are sleazy and shouldn’t be associated at least with sites that represent MMA. Does your dojo post pictures of people mauled by students in street fights? No. this is the same deal. And besides, the dude’s a creep but hey maybe he’s starving so at least afford him the smallest amount of dignity. Power and compassion and all that.

        1. You’re one of those criminal rights type guys, huh ? Most of the bruises on his face are probably from when he hit the ground and maybe some street burn while she held him down. It’s a picture that shows that crime doesn’t pay and picking on innocent women doesn’t pay.

  1. Well done, Polyana!!! I think that guy will now reconsider if he really wants a life of crime; you did him a favor!!!

  2. You go girl!! That was awesome….Yes show his face I wish there was a video!!!
    This man thought he was going to take advantage of a woman.
    Good Job!!

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