September 24, 2020

#UFCLincoln results: Cortney Casey edges Angela Hill in three-round brawl, wins split-decision

Tonight, at UFC Fight Night 135  in Lincoln, Neb., strawweight contenders Angela “Overkill” Hill and Cortney “Cast Iron” Casey will do battle in a bid to ascend the rankings.

RECAP: The first round is underway and these ladies are throwing down! Both fighters are landing good shots. Hill is finding a home for an overhand right often and mixing her leg kicks up well and Casey is scoring well with an uppercut to end all her combinations. CC gets a takedown but ends up fighting off a nice armbar attempt from Angela. Round two and the slugfest continues! “Overkill” Hill is showing improved takedown defense and keep the fight upright throughout the second round. It is a close fight going into the final frame. The third round is more of the same– both fighters are taking turns pressing forward. This fight is going to the judges and it is a toss up!

Cortney Casey def. Angela Hill via split-decision (30-27, 28=29, 29-28).

THOUGHTS: Fun scrap between two exciting strawweights! A case can be made for either fighter winning. Casey looked good on short-notice and Hill showed improved takedown defense. Both Casey and Hill are a tough out for anyone in the division and they always put on exciting fights.

Post-fight Casey called out Tecia Torres or Mackenzie Dern. Who would you like to see “Cast Iron” face next?

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One thought on “#UFCLincoln results: Cortney Casey edges Angela Hill in three-round brawl, wins split-decision

  1. no, either fighter did not have a chance to win. I’m tired of Angela Hill only striking. there was a study showing that pure strikers are the worst fight style in MMA. Wrestlers or mixed martial artists (where they actually “MIX” the martial arts) fare better.

    Strikers like Angela only have one dimension, and if their oppoenent is longer ranged, then they’re screwed. The Casey was 100% confident that Angela would never go to the ground, but Angela had to be worried about being taken down. Gotta have an offensive ground game, becase that’ s what makes an opponent drop their guard expecting a takedown meanwhile you kick their face. Or fake high, then shoot a takedown.

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