UFCGdansk Results: Aspen Ladd stops Lina Lansberg in the second round

Tonight, at UFC Gdańsk in Poland, Lina Lansberg welcomed UFC newcomer and Invicta FC standout Aspen Ladd to the octagon. 

Round 1: Clinch heavy approach from LL early. She’s got Ladd presses up against the octagon already. They are trading shots in the clinch. Ladd reverses position against the fence momentarily but Lansberg gets it back. Lina is landing nice knees and elbows in the clinch. Ladd hangs tough, and most of the first round takes place against the fence. Good shots from both fighters but it’s Lansberg who did the more efficient work.

Round 2: Ladd come stay out aggressive. Lansberg clinches and lands a good knee. Ladds corner is calling for the level change. Aspen secures a takedown about midway thru! Ladd works to full mount and begins unleashing a barrage of punches from full mount! She’s grunting with each one! The referee steps in and stops the fight! Lansberg is visibly upset and questions the stoppage.

Aspen Ladd defeated Lina Lansberg via second round TKO. 

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    1. Honestly, I think it was a little early! It was a justifiable stoppage but I think Lansberg was still working. Whattya think?

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