#UFC224 results: Mackenzie Dern submits Amanda Cooper in the first

Tonight at UFC 224 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the first of two highly anticipated women’s bouts took place at a carchweight as Amanda Bobby Cooper faced off with Mackenzie Dern.

RECAP: The two meet in the middle and both rattle off some solid punches. ABC looking measured in her approach. Dern is trying to hit that overhand right over the guard of ABC but Cooper is fading out of the way just in time.  Amanda lands a good combo that backs Dern up. Whoa! Dern lands that huge overhand right and drops ABC! She follows her to the ground, right into full mount! Transitions to the back and gets the tap!

Mackenzie Dern def. Amanda Cooper via first-round submission (RNC)


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  1. Congratulations Amanda Cooper for being so stupid and taking this fight in the first place after MacKenzie Dern’s weigh in debacle. Amanda Cooper, if you won’t stand up for yourself, you’ll fall for anything. Next time make your opponent pay for being unprofessional by not even giving them a chance to fight if they are going to be so disrespectful to miss weight by such a ridiculous amount

  2. Amanda is kinda hot. I’ll give her a consolation wrestling match and promise not to use my 115 pound weight advantage.

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