#UFC224 results: And Still…”The Lioness” reigns supreme with fifth round TKO

In tonight’s UFC 224 main event, Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes met top contender Raquel “Rocky” Pennington.

RECAP: They touch gloves and we are underway! I’m round one, the champion immediately mixing things up— repeatedly landing a stiff right kick that’s having a big affect on Rocky. That leg is already bruising and Rocky is very conscious of it. A much closer second round— toward the end of the round Pennington took Mandy down with a body lock. Third round, both fighters still looking somewhat fresh. Nunes gets a huge double leg takedown mid-round, but Rocky ties up her hands and referee Marc Goddards stands them up. Fourth round now, Nunes is being the first to engage every time. She’s got a clear strength and speed advantage over the challenger. Pennington is hanging tough though and has landed some nice shots. In between the fourth and fifth round Rocky tells her corner she is done but they convince her to go back out there. Rocky’s nose is likely broken, Nunes smells blood in the beginning of the fifth round. Amanda pours the pressure on now. She takes her down, gets top control, and unloads ground and pound. Rocky’s nose is an absolute mess and the referee steps in to stop it!

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