#UFC216 Results: Poliana Botelho successful in UFC debut

Tonight, in the UFC FOX featured prelims, Pearl Gonzalez will look to net her first UFC win against Brazilian knockout artist, Poliana Botelho. Follow along below!

Round 1: Pearl and Poliana meet in the middle. Gonzalez opens up with two hard leg kicks. She utilizes a nice jab and closes the distance. Working against the fence, Pearl appears to be the stronger fighter. Poliana showing some great takedown defense though, moving her leg to the outside of Pearl’s leg, thus stopping the takedown. Gonzalez having no luck getting the takedown. Botelho using some stiff elbows to the head of Pearl as she works for the takedown. The ref breaks them up. The round ends with them against the fence again,

Round 2: More of the same of round one. Gonzalez really working for that takedown. The ref separates them a couple of times but they keep ending up against the fence. Botelho landing some really hard elbows now to the head of Gonzalez. Pearl eats the shots and keeps pummeling for a double or single leg. The ref separates with about 45 seconds left and Botelho starts getting aggressive with her striking. Attempts a spinning back kick that grazes the body of Pearl.

Round 3: Pearl and Poliana trade jabs. The majority of the round is up against the fence just like rounds one and two. Pearl continues to work for the takedown but Poliana’s defense holds up strong. The trade knees. Towards the end of the round, they are separated until Pearl pushes Poliana back against the cage. Poliana secures double underhooks and gets a stateement takedown with seconds left.

Poliana Botelho defeats Pearl Gonzalez via unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

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