#UFC215 Results: Ketlen Vieira submits Sara McMann in the second round

In the second of three thrilling bantamweight bouts at UFC 215 tonight, former title challenger Sara McMann faced unbeaten prospect Ketlen “Fenomeno” Vieira.

Round 1: Yves Lavigne will be this match’s ref as well. Team Alpha Male’s newest member Sara McMann shoots for a takedown thirty seconds into the fight but Vieira stuffs it. Vieira attempts to roll but McMann stays with her and ends up in full guard. McMann throwing elbows from top position. Ketlen is trying to set up an armbar from the bottom but McMann is maintaining a strong posture. Huge bump on the head of Vieira already. McMann clears Viera’s left leg and gets into full mount. Sara is teeing off! Viera throws both legs up around Sara, wrenching her off of full mount. Viera looks for a kneebar but the buzzer sounds.

Round 2: At a distance, it is clear that Ketlen is the longer fighter. McMann fakes a punch and shoots for a single but Vieira maintains her balance and lands some heavy hammer fists. Now Vieira has McMann pressed against the fence. McMann reverses position and is landing some slick shots. Vieira times a perfect takedown from the clinch and puts McMann on her back. Vieira secures a head and arm triangle from top position. McMann taps, Vieira submits McMann!

Ketlen Vieira defeats Sara McMann via second round arm triangle submission.

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