#UFC214 Results: Cris Cyborg brings the violence to capture the UFC title

On tonight’s main card of UFC 214, Cris Cyborg met the long-reigning former Invicta FC bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger. 

Round 1: Cyborg head hunting early on, but Tonya’s chin is holding up. Tonya doing a great job of avoiding brawling with Cyborg. Tonya back pedaling, picking her shots. Evinger gets a brief takedown, but Cyborg gets right back up. Evinger is tough as nails, eating everything Cyborg has thrown so far while trying to implement her gameplan. An accidental eye poke from a Evinger and a brief timeout, but they’re right back at it. The bell rings and were on to round two!

Round 2: This round looks to be taking place mostly on the feet. Tonya being really cautious, swinging wildly when she sees an opening but nothing is connecting with enough. Cyborg really doing a number with leg kicks, lands an unofficial 24/24 leg kicks. Evinger on the outside, waiting for the Cyborg to close the distance. Leg kicks starting to add up on Evinger, but Evinger is taking it all and more. Round ends on the feet.

Round 3: Tonya Evinger is in the third round with Cris Cyborg– for the first time ever since Cyborg has faced Marloes Coenen. Cyborg is patient– she has really evolved over time. More of the same as the first two rounds– Evinger earning a lot of respect. Cris lands a nasty knee! Evinger covers up and collapses, Cyborg pounces! Referee Beltran stops the fight at 1:56 into the third round!

Cris Cyborg defeats Tonya Evinger via TKO at 1:56 of round 3.

Did you enjoy this fight? 

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  1. So now UFC, can Tonya Evinger move back down to her more natural weight class of Bantamweight? And congratulations to Cristiane Cyborg Justino on becoming the champion of a two fighter division because we all know that Tonya Evinger will move back down to Bantamweight as soon as possible. Sign some female featherweight fighters UFC.

    1. Crossing my fingers for Cyborg vs Anderson next! Maybe at the year end card? Lots of great possibilities for Evinger at 135– maybe a rematch with Rocky or a match with the winner of de Randamie/Reneau?

      1. Lots of options for Evinger. Cyborg, and the featherweight division, not so much. Anderson is the obvious match up, but I’ll be surprised if she does as well as Evinger. Then what? Doubt if the UFC can bring Budd over to fight her. Cyborg is probably the main reason Budd left Invicta. Cyborg & Budd were the #1 & #3 FW’s for about 4 years in the same organizations and weight classes yet never fought.

    2. Who do you have in mind as a contender for Cyborg, Rodney – besides Anderson? The two major sources of potential fighters for the UFC’s FW division, Bellator and Invicta, have such thin divisions themselves, that the potential for the FW division in the UFC is a joke.

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