#UFC214 Results: Alexandra Albu decisions Kailin Curran in an all out war

In the main event of the Fight Pass Prelim portion of UFC 214, strawweight Kailin Curran met returning prospect Alexandra Albu. 

Round 1: Albu comes out agressive, throwing heavy punches and powerful kicks. Albu was tagging Curran on the feet, but pulled guard. Albu is out-muscling Curran in positions. Curran gets back up, Albu lands a nice knee on the break. Albu is getting the better of the exchanges on the feet and on the ground, but she seems a little winded towards the end of the round. The crowd roars as the strawweights brawl to the bell! Albu likely takes round one.

Round 2: Curran looks like the fresher fighter, but Albu is throwing hard shots. Albu isn’t moving her head off the center line too much and Curran is starting to find her range. They briefly clinch and Albu lands some solid knees. Midway through the round, Albu muscles Curran to the ground with a head and arm throw. They’re working on the ground, Curran is doing good avoiding dangerous positions. Curran throws an illegal upkick that connects– referee Herb Dean stops the action momentarily but both women agree to continue. Albu is bleeding from the nose. The fghters stand up and are trading shots again. Both strawweights are tagging each other but Albu’s punches definitely seem to have more snap to them. Albu could be up two rounds.

Round 3: Curran’s corner is fired up. Curran comes out agressive this round! She lands some nice punches followed by a head kick! Albu is looking for the clinch– Curran is avoiding well so far. Despite breathing heavy, Albu’s punches still strong. At the three minute mark, Albu goes for a takedown but Curran ends up on top. She makes her way to half guard, but Albu is defending well. The fight makes its way back to the feet. They are exchanging, but Curran is defintiley dictating this round! Both ladies are working at a high pace, both looking for the finish until the closing bell. The crowd goes insane as the bell rings!

Alexandra Albu defeats Kailin Curran via unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

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