UFC unveils new ‘Legacy’ Championship Belt

The UFC is starting off a new era with a new championship belt.

Friday morning, the UFC debuted its new ‘Legacy Championship Belt’ on social media.

A graphic of the new belt breaks down the meaning behind it.

The UFC logo is polished in gold on the center piece. Surrounding the logo are 25 stones, representing 25 years of the UFC. Also surrounding the center price are eight flags– these represent the first eight countries that were gone to UFC champions.

Gold Octagon buttons snap on to the straps of the belt on each side. On the left side, a custom nameplate for the champion is in the middle of an Octagon along with their native country flag. On the fight side, the UFC champion logo fills a name plate surrounded by an Octagon.

Rather than the champion receiving a new belt each time they make a successful title defense, they will instead receive a red stone (signifying a title win) to go around the right plate on their single belt.

What do you think of the new title belt?

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