UFC strawweight Felice Herrig rips into fan for saying she has a “flat ass”

UFC strawweight Felice Herrig is a woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks. The “Lil Bulldog” recently decided to put an internet troll in his place for saying she has a “flat ass”.

Herrig is hoping to earn a title shot in 2018.

Herrig (14-6-0) recently shared a photo of herself to Instagram. A fan who goes by the username “vannuil_will” decided to post a short comment saying “flat ass“. The 33-year-old was immediately angered by the comment and decided to give the troll a piece of her mind.

It’s called cutting weight you dumb f*ck. All your muscles deflate. But you wouldn’t know anything about that because you sit around and eat Cheetos all day trolling on people because you have nothing better to do with your life. If only you realized what a pathetic life you live . Good luck” Herrig told the troll.

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Take a look at the full exchange between the pair below:


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  1. Seriously, these MMA fighters need to pay ZERO attention to these dumbass internet trolls. Just block those fools, even delete their comments.

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