UFC strawweight Alexandra Albu latest victim of Twitter impersonation, this time the account is verified

It appears someone has a little too much time on their hands. UFC strawweight Alexandra Albu is the latest fighter to be a victim of online impersonation. In fact, this time the impersonator has managed to get the account verified via Twitter.

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Alexandra Albu has a verified Twitter impostor.

Albu’s head coach, Andrey Tsarkov, as well as teammate and fellow UFC strawweight, Lucie Pudilova, have confirmed that the Twitter account named @stitchmma is a fake. They have reported the account to the UFC and are hoping it will be removed in due time.

Albu is the third UFC strawweight to be a victim of impersonation this year. The impersonator appears to be the same person and is targeting European fighters who speak little English and rarely use Twitter.

Back in March, Pudilova became the first victim, with the impersonator poking fun at her opponent, Lina Lansberg, as well as trashing several female fighters on the UFC roster. Many MMA media outlet’s began running stories on some of the tweets made by the account. However, the impersonator was eventually exposed, with the account quickly being deleted.

Pudilova spoke to WMMA Rankings about the fake account, as well as the reason she doesn’t like to see fighters be impersonated.

I do not know how they are verified. They have blocked me. All week they post and like so much and talk perfectly English when Alexandra cannot and has been too busy. I know the coach Andrey Tsarkov, he assures me that account is not Alexandra, it is fake” Pudilova said.

I talk to UFC Europe twitter privately and they said they will investigate. And her coach is going to talk to UFC. I do not like to see it happen to more fighters it can create false or bad image” Pudilova continued.

In June of this year, Maryna Moroz became the second victim. This time the impersonator managed to get three times the amount of followers compared to the real account. Again, the real Moroz spoke out, and the account was quickly deleted.

The person who has been impersonating the fighters seems to do so with a similar style. They tweet on a frequent basis, an unusual amount for a busy MMA fighter who is about to compete in a UFC fight. They post in perfect and fluent English, when the fighter they are impersonating can’t. They also make a lot of fan polls and posts, as well as posting about other fighters. It is likely Albu will not be the last victim of impersonation, so fight fans should watch out for some of these signs.

Albu does not currently use Twitter, she does however have an Instagram page. She returns to action tonight at UFC 214 which takes place from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, United States. The early prelims featuring Albu will be aired live on UFC Fight Pass from 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT.


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