UFC star Bec Rawlings slams “f*cking ridiculous” Gabi Garcia for “fighting grandmas & midgets”

UFC strawweight Bec Rawlings is not impressed with RIZIN FF heavyweight fighter Gabi Garcia. This past weekend Gabi Garcia got the round one TKO victory over Yumiko Hotta, who is a 49 year old retired pro-wrestler. Garcia now improves her record to 4-0-0 and is currently the number one ranked heavyweight fighter in the world.

Bec Rawlings has no respect for the “f*cking ridiculous” Gabi Garcia.

Bec Rawlings is not impressed by the Brazilian heavyweight and the opponents she is fighting, she took to social media to say “F*cking ridiculous. She should go to WWE instead of fighting grandmas & midgets & still looking like sh*t.

The video of the fight between Garcia and her 49 year old opponent has been going viral. Many fans have commented on the fight being uncomfortable to watch, with some claiming it should be “illegal” to allow this type of mismatch.

Katya Kavaleva (pictured right) believes Gabi Garcia (pictured left) has been avoiding her for a long time.

Meanwhile, a beautiful 6’5ft kickboxing world champion named Katya Kavaleva from Belarus has also spoken out. She claims Gabi Garcia has been avoiding a fight with her for six months. She says on Gabi Garcia “none of her fights have been good and I’ll just crush her“. She recently got into a heated exchange with the Brazilian on Instagram, telling her exactly how she feels – in return Gabi Garcia decided to block her. Kavaleva is a very accomplished stand-up fighter and would no doubt be Garcia’s toughest fight to date if the two squared off.

Do you agree with Bec Rawlings’ comments on Garcia? Is Garcia avoiding Katya Kavaleva? Let us know in the comments below.

Take a look at Gabi Garcia’s fight with Yumiko Hotta from this past weekend.



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