UFC Sao Paulo results: Livinha Souza defeats Alexa Chambers via first-round submission

Saturday night at the UFC Fight Night 137 event, Livia Souza defeated Alex Chambers by way of a first-round guillotine choke submission.

More to follow, check back soon.


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  1. i’m done with alex chambers. too old. She looks in the mirror and thinks she’s 25 with her youthful features but she’s too old and slow. She threw a jab, it was so slow as if she was doing it for the first time in the mirror at the local UFC Gym. Meanwhile Livia looked like she was on fast forward. Alex can’t even put up a good fight, she was bullied and didn’t show any JJ defense, dying fairly quickly. She has injuries and has taken lots of time off, and is only an expense to the UFC. Replace her with a young hungry lion, not a mediocre fighter from a TUF season from long ago.

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