UFC São Paulo results: Ariane Lipski defeats Isabella de Padua for first Octagon victory

Tonight, in São Paulo, Brazil, flyweight Ariane Lipski got the first win of her Octagon career when she defeated UFC newcomer Isabella de Padua via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27).

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  1. Glad she finally has her first UFC victory ! I wanna see her against Nadia 187 Kasem ! They both had a lot of hype in Europe !

  2. To modify a YouTube comment I left online earlier: she lucked in, big time. ‘Cos Cachoeira woulda ruined her, and Macedo woulda likely been tough for her too; this match-up was about exactly what she needed at this point in time to catch a much-needed W. Her ground game is a complete myth, though — most of the chicks at Fly will exploit the hell outta that. As too is her fight IQ, ‘cos this last fight shoulda been done in one the way De Pádua was wobbled within the first 10 seconds IMO.

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