UFC Nashville results: Randa Markos submits Angela Hill in the first round

Tonight, at UFC Fight Night in Nashville, Tenn., the first of three exciting women’s bouts takes place in the strawweight division.

Randa Markos def. Angela Hill via first-round submission (arm bar).

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    1. I like both of them but really happy for Randa who I like a bit better and who probably needed this win more, despite being ranked. 8-8-1 overall would not have looked too good !

  1. Angela Hill, after half a decade of doing this, has not mixed her martial arts. it’s MMA, not MT or KB, Angie! she knows her opponent can go high or low, but the opponents know angela can only go high. she is like the female fred ettish – karate chop chop and kick kick, but put her on the ground and she is doomed.
    shoulda been doing BJJ tournaments instead of youtube videos (as much as i love two straws)

      1. She teams up with her friend Jessica penne and they do at least last two or in the year before the cute series called to straws, kinda like waynes world except to chicks for mix martial arts. doing a YouTube channel takes a lot of your time and Angela should have been training in Buddhist monastery instead. oh I always like Angela because years ago she drew and sent me a large picture of the four horsemen in the same pose as a metallica album garage days Re-re visited

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