UFC flyweight Justine Kish currently appearing on Discovery Channel reality show ‘Ultimate Ninja Challenge’

UFC flyweight Justine Kish is currently appearing on a new reality show on the Discovery Channel called “Ultimate Ninja Challenge”.

Kish is currently appearing on “Ultimate Ninja Challenge”.

The competition pits nine contestants in gruelling endurance contests in the woods of British Columbia. Whilst Kish’s training or background didn’t make her a natural choice to take part, she says:

“I just knew it was something different, and it would challenge me, and I wanted something different, I wanted something to do. I need goals, I need things to work on. I can’t just sit there and twiddle my thumbs after a loss.”

Kish needed something to keep her competitive juices flowing. A knee injury caused her to turn down an Octagon engagement, and she is in the process of determining if surgery will be necessary. As she waits to find out, she decided to join the reality show competition.

The show begun airing this month on August 5 with new episodes airing every Sunday night at 10 PM EDT.

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  1. i remember her knee injury years ago. she is young relatively speaking, but rememeber she couldn’t continue on the TUF show? Some of these girls push through appealing injuries,and you wonder if any of their inner circle are giving them advice to the contrary….

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