UFC bantamweight Lucie Pudilova has a viral social media impostor, she’s not happy with the way she has been portrayed

UFC’s newest bantamweight Lucie Pudilova already has a social media impostor. The 22-year-old made her UFC debut this past Saturday at UFC Fight Night 107 losing a unanimous decision to Lina Lansberg.

Lucie Pudilova is not happy with the way the media has portrayed her, thanks to a fake social media account.

Since the fight Pudilova has been making waves in the MMA world thanks to a series of controversial tweets. She has branded Lansberg as the “b*tch” she put in hospital, called out several fighters, vow’ed to finish her next opponent in two minutes and much more. Several media outlets including MMA Imports and Fightline have reported about Pudilova’s controversial comments. However, it turns out these tweets were not made by Pudilova after-all, but in fact an impostor. The account has since made an additional fake Instagram page.

Following a few tweets from fans claiming the account was fake, WMMA Rankings decided to contact Pudilova, eventually getting through to a representative who confirmed the account is not Pudilova as well as revealing they are not happy with the media making stories about the false tweets.

Pudilova (6-2-0) does not have a Twitter account, although she does have a Facebook and Instagram in which she speaks in her own language of Czech. The way in which she has been portrayed by the fake social media accounts is far from the way she has been on her genuine accounts. She speaks little English and right now is focused on her mixed martial arts career and not social media fame.

Pudilova’s real social media accounts can be found below:
Facebook – Click HERE
Instagram – Click HERE


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