UFC 234’s Montana De La Rosa earns $50K for POTN in submission victory over Nadia Kassem

Last night at UFC 234 in Melbourne, Australia, Montana De La Rosa scored her third straight submission victory in the UFC flyweight division.

At the post-fight presser, UFC President Dana White told reporters that De La Rosa “looked like dynamite”. She was awarded one of four bonuses for the night– $50,000 for a Performace of the Night.

De La Rosa entered the bout ranked number 14 in the division. She has expressed interest in inking a new UFC contract as well as fight with “12 Guage” Paige VanZant.

What’s next for De La Rosa?

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  1. i say that PVZ is not going to ever fight for a title. But she is fiesty and wants to fight, having been dropped by reebok and not doing any other outside projects at the moment. but she is rating because of her looks and name. The UFC can use her as a ramp for rising stars like De La Rosa . PVZ is down to fight often, and so let her be a well-viewed meal for gifted fighters who need a boost to their name

    1. I agree about PVZ, but here’s the thing: she sure *wants* to go on a championship run, and even though she’s never outright said as much she’s well aware that her situation/standing within the UFC is somewhat different to the other girls.

      In my view, these fighters like DLR et al are actually doing themselves a disservice calling her out — saying “I wanna fight Paige” is kinda like Strawweights saying “I wanna fight Mackenzie” in that it’s not for competitive reasons AT ALL — they only want some of whatever popularity/notoriety they have, which is understandable but also pretty pathetic. But I say all that to say this: PVZ wants to climb the ranks just like everyone else, so I don’t think any of these girls that keep dropping her name are in with a chance; they offer her nothing. Even though Paige might not get to outright choose her opponent I don’t see the matchmakers ‘sacrificing’ her for an otherwise unremarkable opponent that doesn’t ‘move the needle’. I’ll be surprised if DLR gets what she’s after.

      1. Whom exactly do you think they’ll give PVZ , then, that “moves the needle” and that she actually has some realistic chance against ? I long for the day when “moving the needle” is not the biggest factor in determining fights.

      2. You can’t really have it both ways: expect fighters to not want the hype/notoriety, etc in this hype driven era of MMA and then seemingly be okay with matchmakers playing into a chosen few being protected.

  2. Not sure how you arrived at the conclusion that I’m okay with anything I previously wrote…? I shared observations, not preferences. I don’t think there are actually any other needle movers in the division, but there are perhaps opportunities to (try to) get wins over seasoned fighters and increase credibility that way. I would also rather fighters generate their own hype rather than attempt to siphon off attention garnered for ultimately superficial reasons… because I’m a fan of fights, not spectacles.

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