August 12, 2020

UFC 232 fight night weights revealed, Cris Cyborg only had 4.5 pound advantage over Amanda Nunes

A document has been obtained from the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) which shows exactly how much the fighters weighed in at on fight night for this past Saturday’s UFC 232 event.

Nunes is the UFC’s first female double-champion.

After both Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes successfully made the 145-pound limit for their featherweight title fight on Friday, many expected Cris Cyborg would weigh-in much heavier than Nunes come fight day on Saturday. However, it appears there wasn’t as much difference as many would have thought. Cyborg weighed in at 160.5-pounds come fight day, whilst Nunes weighed in 4.5 pounds less at 156-pounds.

Nunes went on to knock out Cyborg in the very first-round, capturing the UFC featherweight title. She becomes the organization’s first female double champ. Cyborg suffers her first loss since her pro debut in 2005.

Meanwhile, Megan Anderson went from 146 on the weigh-in day to 157 on fight night, Zingano went from 144 to 156.

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UFC 232 took place this past Saturday December 29 from The Forum in Inglewood, California, United States.


One thought on “UFC 232 fight night weights revealed, Cris Cyborg only had 4.5 pound advantage over Amanda Nunes

  1. This clearly shows how the weight classifications are gamed. Would doping regulations permit doping at the last minute? Yet contestants are allowed to fight in one or even two classifications higher than the one they are officially fighting in. This is easy to fix. Simply call all overweight fights exhibitions which do not effect standings and penalize each fighter 10% of their purse for every pound they are over the permitted weight in their fight. Add extra penalties for repeat offenders. It might be argued that one fighter’s weight cheating is simply cancelled out by the weight cheating of his/her opponent, but that philosophy is not used with doping.

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