UFC 232: Amanda Nunes believes she’s the WMMA GOAT with victory over Cris Cyborg

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes is trying to make history by becoming the first woman in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously.

The current Bantamweight belt holder would win the Featherweight belt with a win over Cris Cyborg in their fight at UFC 232 in December.

However, Nunes (16-4) believes that a win over the most feared WMMA fighter in history would make her the greatest of all time.

In an interview with MMA Fighter, Nunes made this bold claim when asked directly if she would be the GOAT with a victory over Cyborg.

She said, “For sure. That’s the reason why I made this decision to move up a division. I want fans to remember me like that. Winning on December 29, I won’t ever leave fans’ heads, that’s for sure. Achieving that, being the only Brazilian woman to become two-division champion… The only woman, the only Brazilian, will be a huge achievement. It’s a big fight, a fight that will make history, and I will come out victorious one more time.”See the source image

Nunes acknowledges that the buildup for this has included lots of trash talking:

“There’s that animosity, the trash talk. That’s part of the show. Fans like to watch that. I’ve been through several situations in my career and nothing bothers me. I’m mentally prepared for this fight, and it’s all part of today’s MMA. It does give me extra motivation to get to December and continue to make history.”

Nunes has competed at 145-pounds in the past. She believes she will be comfortable to fight at featherweight again.

“I  will only move up a little bit [in weight], I won’t move up that much,” she explained. “I will move up to be well at 145. I’m weighing around 165 today. It’s not my intention to continue to move up, but to train well and comfortable at the weight I will be the day after the weigh-ins.”

Nunes also responded to the comment made by Cyborg that Nunes wasn’t her toughest opponent:

“Well, she can say whatever she wants. When the cage closes it’s only me and her, and we’ll find out. But she can think whatever she wants. I think Cris is a tough athlete and it won’t be an easy fight.”

“When we’re in there, we have to be prepared for everything, and I’m prepared for everything. I know she puts pressure, and I will be prepared to deal with that pressure and counter the entire time — and also put pressure on the right time and win the fight wherever we are. It will be a spectacular fight. Don’t blink, anything can happen.”

What do you think? Will Nunes make history, or will Cyborg add another victim to her impressive list of victories?

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  1. Cris reckons that’s not legit until such time as she (Nunes) tries to avenge her losses. I’m tempted to agree, although the GOAT conversation is already kinda long in the tooth tbh.

    1. I’d give her a bye on the Davis loss; after all, that was long ago and Davis now fights at 125. I doubt that she would move up to 135 just to satisfy Nunes’ quest to be the GOAT. However, at some time, I would think Nunes would want a rematch against Cat and Cat would as well. All this is extremely academic in that I see little chance that she’ll get by Cris.

  2. She would have to beat Chris decisively, probably by a KO, or else beat her two fights in a row. She would also have to avenge her loss to Cat. If she can do that, I’ll vote for her being the nanny GOAT.

  3. Nunes does have the best resume in terms of wins. it’s better than cyborg’s handily and she doesn’t have a PED wrap. but she has about as much chance to win this fight as the average bum sitting on their couch. it’s not a good matchup for Nunes in any way, shape or form. just another Cyborg beat down. Amanda is a stereotypical glass cannon and that will be made clear if this fight happens.

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