UFC 229 results: Michelle Waterson triumphs over Felice Herrig

Tonight, opening the UFC 229 main card, was an exciting strawweight bout between top ten ranked contenders “The Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson and Felice “Lil’ Bulldog” Herrig.

RECAP: A great fight between two veterans. Michelle had the speed advantage while Herrig had the strength claim. Round one was close but it looked like The Karate Hottie got the better of rounds two and three. She was fast with her kicks and mean with her elbows. Herrig landed some good shots and reversed a takedown but seemed the more tired of the two.

Michelle Waterson def. Felice Herrig via unanimous decision (30-26,  29-28, 30-27).

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  1. Looking forward to Michelle vs. KK. I was surprised to see that they’re both 5’3″. I had always pictured KK as being taller.

    1. they aren’t both 5’3″. Karolina is 5’5″ and her tale of the tape is just wrong and this is not uncommon. watch her vs Felice, Rose then look how she towered over 5’1″ Esquibel by half a head.

      my opinion Michelle has a very good shot at winning that fight. Karolina is a slow starter who seemingly can’t finish even hurt or dog tired opponents, not too good handling speed or angles and has been beaten at range by much smaller/shorter opponents. I think Michelle has more tools in her bag just like she did vs Felice, all she has to worry about is standing in the clinch while KK has room to spam knees.

  2. Although unanimous, the disparity in scoring is interesting. One had it 30-26 while another had it 29-28. I wonder if the 29-28 judge gave Felice was on top but was taking all the damage from Michelle’s elbows. If so, I think that judge needs a talking to.

    1. I definitely had it 30-27! I think that the 30-26 scorecard was a bit harsh. The only round I can possibly justify that that judge may have given to Felice would be the first.

    1. truth. she needs to hold out hope for a 105 or 110 pound division. and even then she got beaten up by Tecia Torres already and I see a clean sweep loss to Carla if they ever fight. like Michelle, but she’s in a tough spot.

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