UFC 211 Fight Breakdown: Jessica Aguilar vs Cortney Casey

Last night, Jessica Aguilar returned to action in Dallas, Texas at UFC 211 to face Cortney “Cast Iron” Casey. Check out our full fight breakdown below!

Round 1: #12 ranked Jessica “Jag” Aguilar is in the red gloves wearing green shorts, and Cortney “Cast Iron” Casey is in the blue gloves sporting blue shorts. Kerry Hatley is the referee, the bell sounds, a quick touch of gloves, and the fight is underway! You could immediately see the size difference between the two– Casey’s got a larger frame with a height and reach advantage. “Cast Iron” shooting off hard combinations early, landing most of them. Jag sweeps Casey’s leg with a low kick, Casey falls and Jag follows her to the ground. Aguilar is throwing hammerfists but Casey is super active off her back. Casey creates enough space to get back up, putting the pressure on Aguilar with strikes. Casey pushing forward again, but Aguilar sneaks a single leg and puts Casey on her back again. Aguilar grabs Casey’s foot and literally drags her away from the cage. She holds the foot, and throws some hard leg kicks to the thigh of Casey. Aguilar is unable to secure any positions on the ground, and referee Hatley stands them up. Casey is getting the better of all of the exchanges standing up, at one point hitting Jag with a clean knee down the middle. As the bell is ringing, Aguilar clips Casey right on the chin with a right hand, nearly dropping her.

Round 2: They get right after it again, Casey finishes a hard combination with a knee. Aguilar catches the knee and puts her down with a single leg. Aguilar chopping at Casey’s legs while Casey is on the ground, but “Cast Iron” is doing damage with upkicks from her back. Halfway through the round and we are back standing, only for a few moments though. Aguilar is landing takedowns, specifically single legs, but is unable to follow up with anything. The story of the second round is the upkicks of Casey– she appears to be doing damage from her back, landing more strikes while keeping Aguilar from gaining any advantageous position.

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Round 3: Early in the third round, Casey is defending takedowns and gauging distance. Damage is starting to pile up, and it looks like blood coming from the nose and/or mouth of Jag. Casey swarms, looking for a finish against the fence, but Aguilar hangs tough.  Casey is coming on strong, but again, Aguilar is as game as they come. Casey’s combinations look really hard– each punch is packing power. The bell sounds to close the fight, both fighters raise their hands!

All three judges see the contest 30-27 in favor of Cortney Casey. Joe Rogan greets her with the mic to congratulate her on the victory.  In agreement with the general consensus, he calls this Casey’s most impressive performance in the octagon.

Jessica Aguilar is now 0-2 in the UFC and 19-6 overall. Cortney Casey is 3-3 in the UFC and improves her overall record to 7-4. She will likely find herself in the top 15 rankings after Saturday night’s performance.

Casey considers her UFC 211 win over Aguilar the biggest of her career. See her post-fight comments below.

What did you think of the fight? Were you impressed with Casey’s victory?

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