UFC 206: Valerie Letourneau will retire if the UFC does not create 125lb division

Valerie Letourneau has hit out at UFC’s decision to have a 20 pound gap between women’s weight divisions and says she will retire if the 125lb flyweight division is not created. Currently the UFC has two weight divisions for the women Strawweight which is contested at 115 pounds and Bantamweight which is contested at 135 pounds. Earlier this week it was confirmed that a 145 pound featherweight weight class would soon be added.

Letourneau is scheduled to fight Viviane Pereira tomorrow, Saturday December 10, 2016 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for UFC 206. Earlier today at the weigh-ins Letourneau failed to make weight, weighing in at 117.5 pounds. She has now hit out at the UFC and suggests that she will retire if the 125lb weight class is not created.

In an interview with Fight Network, Letourneau revealed “I really hope it’s gonna come before I retire, I don’t feel like I’m going to fight for a very long time, I’m 33 soon 34. There’s other things I want to do with my life, I love fighting but but this is really turning me off because all the focus is on trying to make weight and I feel like it’s unfair for me to fight at 135 I’m not going to go there and be the dummy for the 135’s. I’m just going to retire, go home and do something else“.

Letourneau previously fought at 135lbs however she was severely undersized and since April 2015 has competed at the 115 pound division in which she has had more success. More recently at UFC Fight Night 89 the UFC held a one-off special 125lb bout in which Letourneau competed in. When asked if the UFC offered her this weight again she reveals they didn’t, they did however offer her to move back up to 135lbs. “They offered me to fight at 135lb, that’s pretty much the weight I walk at now. I go maximmum to 140. I know these girls how much they probably walk at, makes no sense to me. I’m not that big, the gap between 140 and 115 doesn’t seem that big but when you already don’t have much fat it’s a big gap for women“.

‘Trouble’ assured fans however that she has been taking the weight cut to 115 pounds seriously “I’m really doing my best to make the best 115, I swear I’m taking this so seriously. My weight cut, I’m trying to work with other people, I’ve been working with the doctors for this one… I would have made it seriously, another hour and a half or two I would have been at 115“.

Valerie ‘Trouble’ Letourneau takes on Viviane ‘Sucuri’ Pereira on the UFC 206 prelims which starts from 8PM/5PM ETPT.

How do you feel about Letourneau contemplating retirement? Would you like to see the UFC implement a 125lb division? Let us know in the comments below.


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