#TUFFinale medical suspensions: Three flyweights potentially out six months

Check out the official medical suspensions from last Friday’s Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale show.

  • Roxanne Modafferi: suspended until 01/01/18, no contact until 12/23/17
  • Barb Honchak: requires x-ray and orthopedic clearance of right hand or no contest until 05/31/18
  • Melinda Fabian: requires x-ray and orthopedic clearance of left thumb or no contest until 05/31/18; a minimum suspension until 12/13/17 and no contact until 12/16/17
  • Ariel Beck: requires x-ray and orthopedic clearance of left wrist or no contest until 05/31/18; minimum suspension until 01/16/18 and no contact until 01/01/18

*Unlisted fighters received standard 7-45 day medical suspension

Source: Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC)

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  1. Hey Nick, thanks for the great updates! it’s become my new main source of WMMA news. Sources come and go, but this is one of my main ones. Are you on Twitter also?

  2. Gee, Nicco complained of fighting with a broken foot. I’m surprised she received no medical suspension based on that. Speaking of Nicco, I also understand that she and Roxie each earned $100K for their fight plus another $50K each fight bonus. Good job, ladies. Hope that side order of fries that Sarge had was worth it.

    1. i think roxy only made “only”..lol made 100k. 50 to show and 50 for bonus.
      when i see a fight, i want it to be between equal size, so that we fans know that the outcome will be decided by skill.
      each fight is basically a real life experiment. When a big girl cuts down, running from another weight class, the fight experiment, whose goal is to see who is the best, is no longer a valid experiment. Too much of the outcome is decided by the non-skill factor of the weight cut. Did you see how badly deanne bennet was knocked out? she fell like a mannequin, that’s how stiffed up she was. That’s probably due to a too strong girl doing such a drastic weight cut. Like a 17 year old playing in 8th grade basketball, the size makes it an unfair fight.
      Karma to Eubanks, her bad faith sneaky tactic of weight cutting ended wrong, and the most deserving girl in WMMA got the (almost) storybook ending.

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