#TUF26 Results: Roxanne Modafferi (#1) vs Sijara Eubanks (#12)

Tonight, on the final episode of TUF 26, Roxanne Modafferi and Sijara Eubanks clashed in a bout to determine who will be across the octagon from Nicco Montano on Friday to crown the inaugural women’s flyweight champion. Check out the results below!

Sijara is representing Team Alvarez and Roxy is representing Team Gaethje. Both fighters have scored finishes throughout the competition and are looking to do the same tonight.

Round 1: Sarj is in the red gloves and Roxy is in the blue! They meet in the middle and come out swinging. Both land some nice, crisp shots. Eubanks is trying to time her strikes but Roxanne is doing a good job of circling out and keeping her range. It looks like Sarj is in search of the takedown. Both fighers miss with kicks. Sarj follows through a nice double leg and manages to drag Roxanne to the ground. Eubanks is landing some good ground and pound but Modafferi has an active guard and is defending well. The timer sounds and Sarj likely cemented the round with her top control.

Round 2: A similar start to round two! Roxy’s striking has truly improved leaps and bounds from TUF 18. She’s pumping a nice jab to keep Sarj at bay but Eubanks is quite aggressive. Eubanks ducks a hand from Roxy and secures a body lock into a takedown. She works for a guillotine and it looks really tight! The crafty veteran, “The Happy Warrior,” is able to pop her head out of the submission! She lands some shots but the BJJ black belt attempts a kimura on Roxy and uses the submission attempt to sweep Roxanne and end up on top. Quality ground work for both ladies back and forth. Sijara ends the round on top again.

Round 3: Justin is shouting encouragement at Roxy who knows she most likely needs a finish this round. The ladies are standing and banging early. About two minutes in the round and Sarj secures another takedown. She lands some quality shots but Roxy is able to return to her feet. A brief clinch where both fighters land some knees almost results in another takedown but they stay upright. Roxy looks for a trip but Sarj reverses it an gets top position. Roxy recovers her guard and looks for an armbar! She sneaks her legs up and its hard to tell how tight it is. Sarj is able to pop out of the position though. A few times reversing positions and they separate. In the last ten seconds of the round, Sarj charges forward and walks Roxy down as they both close the round swinging.

Another great quarterfinal fight! Both ladies had moments, but it will most likely be Sarj’s decision.

Sijara Eubanks defeated Roxanne Modafferi via unanimous decision (30-27 x3).


Fight fans, are you excited for Eubanks vs Montano?

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  1. Roxanne Modafferi is and has always been a very limited athlete. And when she faces a athletic type fighter, her limitations show. Roxanne Modafferi isn’t very fast, she doesn’t seem to have any real punching power because mainly she doesn’t throw her punches with any type of conviction. I’ve never understood that about her. I wish her well in her second run in the UFC because it’s going to be challenging for her.

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