#TUF26 Results: Melinda Fabian (No. 7) vs Rachael Ostovich-Berdon (No. 10)

On tonight’s episode of TUF 26, Invicta FC vet Racheal Ostovich-Berdon faced the up-and-coming Melinda Fabian!

Round 1: We are underway and you can immediately see the reach and height advantage that Fabian possesses. Melinda is pumping her jab early trying to keep Ostovich at bay but Ostovich is countering nicely. Fabian lands a nice high kick but Ostovich eats it without problem. Racheal ducks down and lands a beautiful overhand right. Fabian is immediately showing the effects of that heavy right from Racheal. Fabian’s having a hard time connecting now. With a little more than one minute left in the first round, Ostovich shoots in for a single leg and secures a takedown. Fabian gives up her back trying to get up and Ostovich locks in her hooks, taking the back. Racheal is working for a rear-naked choke— and she gets it! Ostovich submits Fabian in the first round via RNC to advance to the quarterfinals!

Next week No. 8 Emily Whitmire takes on No. 9 Christina Marks!

What did you think of tonight’s show?

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  1. Impressed with Rachael’s striking. It was supposed to her grappling vs. Melinda’s stand-up, but Rachael dominated everywhere.

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