#TUF26 Results: Barb Honchack (No. 2) vs Gillian Robertson (No. 15)

On tonight’s episode of TUF, former Invicta FC flyweight champion Barb Honchack clashed with Team Gaethje’s Gillian Robertson.

Round 1: Both fighters come out aggressive. Barb and Gillian both land some nice shots standing. They clinch and Honchack briefly pins Robertson against the fence. Robertson reverses position. A nice 1-2 combination from Barb who dives in and secures a double leg takedown. They are right near the cage, Robertson climbs her legs up and tightens up an armbar on Barb. Robertson has a good grip but Honchack is fighting it. Gillian really trying to extend, Barb is taking her time trying to slip out of it. Robertson rolls Honchack over, but mid-roll Honchack is able to reverse position and end up in full guard. That was a close armbar and it looked like she had it twice. For the last minute in the round, Honchack lands some heavy ground and pound– a good mixture of elbows and bunches. The bell rings.

Round 2: Both fighters are breathing heavy after a super aggressive round. Barb mixing shots to the head and body. Gillian shoots in for a takedown but Barb sprawls, ending up in half guard on top. From the top Honchack is looking for a kimura. As she’s wrenching Robertson’s arm, Robertson rolls over and reverses position. Barb stands and they are against the fence. This is a fast-paced match. Barb looks to take the back now, we’re back on the mat. Honchack gets in full mount and starts throwing heavy elbows. Gillian is hanging tough but Barb is pouring it on now. The referee steps in, Honchack is victorious via 2nd round TKO!

In what was arguably the best fight of the season so far, Barb Honchak’s experience overwhelmed the up-and-coming Gillian Robertson.

Next week Invicta FC standout Rachel Ostovich-Berdon faces Hungarian contender Melinda Fabian!

What did you think of tonight’s match up?

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