TUF 26 Results: DeAnna Bennet finishes Karine Gevorgyan in the first

Tonight, on the second episode of TUF 26, the fourth ranked seed DeAnna Bennet faced the eleventh ranked seed Karine Gevorgyan.

Image result for deanna bennett tufTeam Alvarez’s Bennet was declared the victor by first round TKO. The fighters were feeling each other out on the feet before Bennet shot in for a double leg takedown. Once she cemented the takedown, she was able to land heavy shots on Gevorgyan until the referee stopped the fight.

A devastated Gevorgyan was comforted by her coach, Justin Gaethje, teammates, and guest coach Miesha Tate.

The Ultimate Fighter is a reality TV show which delivers fans a combination mixed martial arts action and reality television drama. This season’s coaches Eddie Alvarez (28-5) and Justin Gaethje (18-0) are looking to guide female flyweight stars toward the inaugural (and long-awaited) UFC flyweight championship.

Did you enjoy tonight’s episode?

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  1. I’ve requested this numerous times, Nick, but I guess I’ll have to keep on requesting. Maybe one of these days you’ll read it. While I appreciate your thorough coverage of WMMA, it would sure be nice if you did not place the results of a fight in your subject line of your emailed updates, and simply state the event the email refers to. I.e., in this article, simply state. “Tonight’s TUF 26 Results,” or if you crave more detail than that, “TUF 26 Results: DeAnna Bennet vs. Karine Gevorgyan.” Some of us record the fights in hopes of watching it later without knowing the results.
    Thanks, Juchi

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