Top UFC stars are furious with Raquel Pennington’s corner for ignoring her pleas to quit fight

Several of UFC’s top fighters are disgusted with Raquel Pennington’s corner for refusing to listen to her pleas to withdraw from her fight against Amanda Nunes in between rounds four and five.

Pennington wanted her corner to stop the fight after round four.

Pennington (9-6) failed to capture the bantamweight title from Amanda Nunes (16-4) at Saturday night’s UFC 224 event, finding herself victim of a fifth-round TKO loss. Pennington was left a bloody mess by the end of the fight, and told her corner after round four that she no longer wanted to continue.

I’m done. I wanna be done,” Pennington told her coaches in between rounds four and five.

Instead of stopping the fight, her coaches convinced her to continue.

No, no, no, no,” her coach Jason Kutz responded. “Don’t go out like this. C’mon girl. I know it hurts. I know it hurts. Let’s power through this. Let’s breathe. Change your mindset. Let’s just throw everything we’ve got. Throw everything we’ve got. We’ll recover later. We’ll recover later. Throw everything we’ve got.

UFC’s top stars including Brian Ortega, Aljamain Sterling and Kevin Lee reacted with fury to the ignorance of Pennington’s corner. Take a look below:

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  1. First of all, why so much profanity in MMA? Does it have something to do with all the tattoos?

    Secondly, in her coaches’ defense; she looked good in the first four rounds. She was counterpunching very nicely and frustrating Nunez quite a bit with dodges, off-angle dodges with counterpunches, checked kicks and blocks. There was a lot more back and forth momentum than you usually see in a match with nunes. It felt to me like if she pressed forward she could have made a breakthrough and overcome nunez. Maybe her coaches thought Racquel didn’t realize she was on the verge of turning the tide. Maybe if she watches the fight she’ll realize she was actually close to turning the tide but didn’t realize it. Maybe the coaches were so excited about a breakthrough moment they couldn’t see her pain. Maybe she whined in training so they were used to hearing that. Maybe they wanted to help her in spite of herself because she knew later it would have been better.

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