Tecia Torres wants Rose Namajunas rubber match: “It’s a fight that fans want to see, the story is there”

Tecia Torres picked up one of her biggest UFC victories to date this past Saturday, defeating Michelle Waterson via unanimous decision. “The Tiny Tornado” believes the victory has earnt her a shot at UFC strawweight champion, Rose Namajunas.

Torres wants third fight against Namajunas.

But really, I’d like a title fight,” Torres said. “I’d like that grudge match. I think it’s a fight that fans want to see.”

The pair have already fought each other twice. Torres claimed the decision victory in the first meeting at Invicta FC 6 in 2013, and Namajunas won the UFC rematch via the same method last year. The two young fighters each had the honor of giving each other the first professional losses of their respective careers, so already there’s plenty of history between them.

I think the story is there,” Torres said. “And I think it would be a great fight for the fans and for myself. Nothing against Rose, business is business. I want that title fight, and I’ve been wanting it for a long time.

Torres says she was very impressed with Namajunas’ victory of Joanna Jedrzjedczyk. However, she says she knows exactly how hard the “Thug” hits, and won’t let it affect her.

I was totally impressed by Rose in her last fight, but I mean … there wasn’t really much to see out of that,” Torres said. “You’ve seen Rose as a fighter. She’s very unpredictable. She’s very good at her jiu-jitsu, very good striker, well-rounded fighter. Every fight presents something new, so I wouldn’t be able to pick something out of there. It would just be me and her fighting.

I know how she hits,” Torres said. “I’ve taken her hits for six rounds, so it’d be a fun fight, and I’d be very comfortable and just excited about it. She’s a true representation of the strawweight division, and it’d be an honor to fight her a third time for a title.”

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Fight fans, would you like to see a third fight between Namajunas and Torres? Let us know in the comments section below.



    1. I’ve been calling for Karolina vs Tecia for a long time now…I would love to see that fight! With KK booked against Andrade, TT can face the winner if the winner isn’t granted a title shot.

      Ideally, I’d like to see Andrade get the title shot vs Namajunas in 2018 and have KK vs Tecia for the number one contender. The only problem with that is that I do support a JJ rematch for the title. We’ll have to see how things pan out!

      1. I think I’d prefer seeing the winner of Karolina vs Jessica get Rose, not Tecia. Their standing shouldn’t be too adversely affected by a loss. so the loser should get Tecia to determine who eventually gets a title shot. In the meantime, I think given her performance against Claudia, Jessica should be next in line for the title shot but can also see how the UFC would want the money a Rose vs. JJ rematch would bring. It might be a while before Tecia gets the rematch she wants.

  1. Too bad because the UFC is only interested in giving popular dethroned champions instant rematches after getting beaten down the first fight. So in the UFC eyes, Joanna Jedrzejczyk is still the Champion and they are going to shelf Rose Namajunas until Joanna Jedrzejczyk is ready to fight. Treating Rose Namajunas like she is the challenger waiting on the Champion. It’s pathetic.

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