Tecia Torres and Nina Ansaroff discuss Mackenzie Dern missing weight by nearly an entire weight-class

Mackenzie Dern has been receiving a huge amount of backlash from fellow fighters and on social media after failing to make weight at yesterday’s UFC 224 weigh-ins.

Dern decided to weigh in as a flyweight for tonight’s strawweight showdown.

Dern failed to reach the 116-pound strawweight limit for tonight’s upcoming bout against Amanda Cooper, instead weighing in as a flyweight at 123-pounds. Social Media has been full of negativity for the Brazilian, with Cooper branding her “a disgrace to all professionals”. The fight will still go on at a catchweight in what is now essentially a strawweight vs. flyweight showdown.

Fellow UFC strawweights, Tecia Torres and Nina Ansaroff, have also reacted to the news. Take a look below.

Tecia Torres:
“You’ve got to try, and I feel at 123 you really didn’t try that much. She didn’t look depleted to me. I felt like she had more in her. The girls who know that they have to cut 20, 30, pounds, they shouldn’t accept the fight. If you know you can’t make weight in time, then don’t accept the fight and wait longer. It’s not fair to these girls who can actually come here and make weight. And I know Amanda Bobby Cooper cuts a lot of weight, herself, so she worked hard to get down to 116 and it didn’t come easy. So it shouldn’t be given to Mackenzie to be allowed to weigh in that much over. For me, I didn’t even think the commission allowed you to be that far apart in weight. But, at the end of the day, I’d take the fight. I’d want to go in there and still smash her even more.”

Nina Ansaroff:
“I would take the fight, but I would ask for more than 30 percent. I’d ask for like 50 percent, something like that. I would be upset, because seven pounds is almost like a slap in the face. It’s pretty bad – and you would know this a day or two days ago. So for this to happen at the day of the weigh-ins is very disrespectful, I believe. And I would probably still accept the fight, because you train a whole camp. You don’t want to give that up because someone missed weight. You take the fight, but you should be compensated for it, I believe. I’ve turned down at 115 before knowing I didn’t have enough time to make 115. It’s not something that – she was aware of the fight a while ago. And she knew she wanted a quick turnaround. So there really is no excuse. I’ve made 115 from 140 on four-week notice, so it’s the way that you try or don’t try.”

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UFC 224 takes place this Saturday 12 May from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The main card featuring Dern vs. Cooper will be aired live on pay-per-view from 10pm EST.



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  1. The article refers to Dern as the Brazilian. While she is of half Brazilian ancestry and has a lot of connections with Brazil, she was born and raised and as far as I know still lives in the US, so I think that makes her American.

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