Tara LaRosa vs. sexist internet troll, Krystopher Zylinski | This Saturday at 7pm ET | Airing LIVE on FACEBOOK

This Saturday, McDojoLife is set to host a highly anticipated intergender fight between women’s MMA pioneer, Tara LaRosa, and sexist internet troll, Krystopher Zylinski.

LaRosa is a veteran of the sport who has been competing since 2002 and fought almost 30 times.

LaRosa will face off with Facebook troll, Kristopher Zylinski, who posted a series of comments about women’s inability to beat men in mixed martial arts (See below). According to him, no trained female athlete can ever expect to fight an untrained male and win.

LaRosa (22-5-0) is a veteran of the sport who has been fighting since 2002 and has competed in almost 30 fights. She’s finished fifteen of her career victories, 12 submissions and three knockouts. The Jackson-Wink MMA standout is not happy with the sexist comments made by the troll and plans to put a beatdown on him this Saturday.

“LaRosa vs. Zylinski” takes place at the Breaking Point Martial Arts in Apopka, Florida on January 6 at 7pm EST. The fight will be aired live on Mcdojolife’s Facebook page.

Take a look at some of Zylinski’s many comments which led to the bout being created:



  1. This fool gonna knock her out. The male species is too strong and aggressive. We have killer instinct where as women don’t have none of the above. Ah shit I’m a BJJ white belt and I’ll summit any woman blue belt and above because the strongest survives. I’ll even give her $1000 that’s how confident I am.

  2. Randy, give your FULL NAME and contact info. Put your money where your mouth is. I am SURE Tara will take your 1000$. and FYI white belt, it is SUBMIT not summit! And no, the strongest doesn’t always survive, the smartest does!

    1. Oh my God! Can we stop paying attention to these dumbass internet trolls? A person can be strong, have power in their punches, but professional fighters will see a punch coming from a mile away and never even get hit. A untrained person reaction time is going to be much much slower than a trained fighter that it is going to be painfully obvious to the naked eye. Imagine a high school lineman going up against backup NFL lineman. These fighters need to stop paying attention to this dumbass trolls who are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame by not earning it.

      1. Btw I’ve rolled with women blue belt and black belts. Got to admit they gave me a go but in the end I throw them around like rag dolls and end up tapping them. So I know what I’m talking about. In the end a woman trained in BJJ is useless in the streets.

        1. Dude, you have rolled with women in a situation where it is a actual understanding that you two are grappling. It’s not a fight with a actual trained professional MMA fighter, who has the understanding that it is not a grappling practice, where the understanding is they are trying to hit you and you are trying to hit them. And them throwing leg kicks and setting up a kick that looks like a kick to the body and it’s a kick to the head. And any combination of things on the ground that a untrained person doesn’t even know what to look for. These professional MMA fighters need to stop paying attention to these internet dumbasses who are just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame to be on TMZ or some other media outlet like that by not actually working at the craft of MMA to earn such a spotlight.

          1. Hey Rodney, I guess these liberals really groomed you to be subservient to women. You Have No Clue.

          2. Lame effort to try to distract from the point. It’s hilarious how people do that and then try to throw, I am guessing a manhood Insult in there to get something riled up. So I guess that is your lame troll game. Well, you do you, but these MMA fighters need to ignore these internet dumbasses. It’s obvious that these internet dumbasses are living their warrior lives through the MMA fighters they like and the ones they hate watch.

  3. Just so I have this right. Poor Tara, a LEGITIMATE LEGEND in WMMA, is giving up “probably” age and definitely Weight/size cause she fights at 125. He’s saying he’s 160. Just to shut his ass up?

    Honestly it’s a retarded fight. She shouldn’t have to do this. He CLEARLY WANTS A BEATING. But at least make it fairer, why not put him against someone of similar size? Why not have him fight a 155er instead? Or even a 145er? Or Fook it an170 pounder?
    I mean why does poor Tara have to give up so much weight just to beat his ass?

  4. Women don’t punch hard. Have you ever noticed in women MMA fights when they hit each other in the face really hard they don’t go down and it’s not because they have a glass jaw. No power, no power.

  5. Yeah Randy, maybe you can ‘summit’ her. If you really believe that we believe you roll around with anyone but your fat girlfriend in bed, then you are as dumb as you sound..

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