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3rd Quarter 2019 WMMA Schedule

MMA is a fast-paced sport– between constant fight announcements, booking changes, last minute replacements, and some unforuntate cancellations, all of the chaos can be hard to keep up with at times. In an attempt to help you stay up to date with WMMA action and results, WMMA Rankings is bringing you a one stop shop for scheduled bouts, results, and more!

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Anastasia Yankova and Andrea Lee’s Nazi controversies – what does it all mean?



Everyone knows that MMA is a brutal sport. Blood, sweat, tears, and determination all play a part. After most matches, the combatants hug it out and put all of their animosities aside. During those moments when the fight is over, and hostilities have ended, the sport seems more like a brotherhood/sisterhood than combat. Even fighters that opposed our favorite fighters may get at least a modicum of respect from us, and sometimes more respect than we care to admit. Continue reading “Anastasia Yankova and Andrea Lee’s Nazi controversies – what does it all mean?”

The Subtleties of Women’s MMA and Weight Cutting

Ahhh, weight cutting. Some call it barbaric, and others call it essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Like it or not, it’s embedded into the dynamics of MMA competition. It contributes to the drama of MMA culture as well (Did Joanna’s weight cut really affect her performance against Rose, or as so many people suggest, is it just a silly excuse for an embarrassing loss?). Adding to the multiple layers of complexity is the fact that women’s weight-cutting experiences differ greatly from those of men. Continue reading “The Subtleties of Women’s MMA and Weight Cutting”