Svetlana Gotsyk (6-3) Vs. Lyudmyla Pylypchak (2-3) WWFC 6 Results

WWFC 6 – Svetelana Gotsyk (6-3) Vs. Lyudmyla Pylypchak (2-3) Strawweight (115lb’s)

Round 1

Nothing really happening in Round 1, Leg Kick caught by Gotsyk that proceeds to take Pylypchak to the floor fighting off her back (1:43). Gotsyk rolls for a Juji-Gatame (1:31), and she gets a BEAUTIFUL Juji-Gatame on Pylypchak into round 1 (1:22)! Brief nice scramble before getting the Juji-Gatame!

Winner – Svetlana Gotsyk (7-3) by Juji-Gatame/Armbar in Round 1

Fight was Free on YouTube Via WWFC’s YouTube Channel

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