Strawweight (115lbs) Prospect – Itzel Esquivel Interview

LFA’s Strawweight Itzel Esquivel Interview

Question 1 – How was, is, or do you expect your morning, afternoon, or evening going? I hope all is well!

Itzel Esquivel – My day went well!

Question 2- Do you own any pets?

Itzel Esquivel – Yes I have three dogs, one pit bull, one boxer, and one boxer pit bull mix.

Question 3 – Any hobbies besides Fighting? Comic Books? Car Enthusiast? Sneakerhead?

Itzel Esquivel – I dont really have many hobbies, I love to go to the mall and shop or go to the park and enjoy a nice day but I don’t really know if those are hobbies.

Question 4 – Looking at your Tapology and Sherdog Fight Pages, there’s nothing listed on your gym, so who is your gym and who do you train with? Anyone you want to shout-out?

Itzel Esquivel – I train at Paradigm training center/MMA. I train with my dad Daniel Esquivel, Leroy Vasquez, Tim Snyder, I also train a lot with my brother along with many other teammates at the gym!

Question 5 – What do you usually weigh before you cut-weight for a fight?

Itzel Esquivel – I usually walk around at 119/120 so i don’t really cut too much before a fight.

Question 6 – How were you contacted by LFA before fighting for them?

Itzel Esquivel – I was contacted by them through messenger by Collin Cantrell about 3 weeks before the fight, he said he had a good opportunity for us and we took it!

Question 7 – Your opponent (Brandi Narvaez) is a good grappler, was grappling something you worked most on prior to fighting her and implementing in your gameplan? I wrote an Article Previewing the fight stating you’re well-rounded, and not afraid to take it to the ground, but Brandi is known for good grappling. The Triangle Armbar was SICK! Congrats on that!

Itzel Esquivel – We trained the exact same way we did for any other fight. However Im not going to lie and say we didn’t drill a lot of grappling before this fight because we did. The week of the fight we actually drilled that exact submission a lot and we had worked different scenarios on the ground. But we did not focus all of my training on strict grappling.

Question 8 – I remember very clearly that one of the color commentators (forgot who Legend Pat Miletich or Michael Schiavello) stated that Brandi Narvaez would like to fight MacKenzie Dern if she had won, is this something that interests you? This of course depends on if MacKenzie Dern can make 115 (second time she’s missed weight). Would you like to fight MacKenzie Dern? Honestly, I think you would both be a good challenge for one another. Your striking and her elite grappling.

Itzel Esquivel – Yes that is definitely a fight that i would look forward to seeing in the future. I think it would be a very interesting fight!

Question 9 – LFA is doing big and great things for MMA by announcing a LOT of MMA Events this year, in stating this, would you like to be more active and have more fights?

Itzel Esquivel – Yes i like to stay active in my fighting career, last year i fought a total of five times, which i consider to be a lot. I like fighting often because it keeps me motivated  and active at all times.

Question 10 – There’s no Strawweight Champion for LFA yet, though in the near future, it’ll be obvious there will be one, in your opinion, when do you see a Vacant Title up for grabs? This isn’t your decision, but I’d love to know your thoughts on it :).

Itzel Esquivel – I dont really know when they will have a title fight but I am assuming that soon they will make one.

Question 11 – Where would you like your career to go? Invicta The UFC or any other major promotion you’re eyeing on? LFA is a great step for fighters to move onto bigger promotions (and they’re not shy about creating and supporting fighters that move onto bigger promotions)

Itzel Esquivel – I honestly just want to have a nice and healthy MMA career. I would love to be in any of those two promotions that you mentioned however the ultimate goal for me would be to get into the UFC and not just get into the UFC but be successful in the UFC. It is difficult to get into the UFC but it is even more difficult to succeed in it and shine.

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