Strawweight (115lbs) Prospect – Amanda Ribas (6-1)

Strawweight (115lb’s) Prospect – Amanda Ribas (6-1)

Amanda Ribas
(Credit to Tapology for The Upload)

Here is another of many to come of my prospects list. I will be doing my second Strawweight, and she is from the land of MMA Heritage, Brazil. She sports an AMAZING record of (6-1) Pro (2-0) Amateur. And let me tell you, she’s a FINISHER. A very entertaining one at that! Out of her nine victories total, she has finished five of her nine bouts!

She’s a GREAT grappler specializing in Judo, and most of her fights take place with her on top with ELITE top control. She’s very dangerous to go on the ground with.

Let’s break down her career from everything I could find of her.


Amanda Ribas (0-0)/Micol di Segni (0-0) (Flyweight/125)

This was her first fight, and it was for a UFC Fan Expo. She would make her MMA Debut as an amateur in DOMINATING fashion as in she’d grappler with her opponent and put her on her back to defend. While this fight not be seen as “entertaining” by most fans eyes, keep in mind just how well she controls her opponent in all sorts of scrambles in the second round. Showcasing her elite grappling, she’d go onto her next amateur fight.

You can catch her MMA Debut here

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(Credit to FIGMMA for the upload)

Amanda Ribas (1-0)/Gabriella Ringblom (0-0) (Flyweight/125lb’s)

In her next and last amateur fight, she would dominate the same as she did her first fight with good top control leaving her opponent unable to do anything.

(Pro Debut) Amanda Ribas (0-0)/Jessica Almeida (0-0) (Strawweight/115lb’s)

She would make her pro debut in dominating fashion winning by KO/TKO winning her Pro Debut. She would then move to (1-0), and the rest is history from here, folks.

Amanda Ribas (1-0)/Iara Sales (0-0) (Strawweight/115lb’s)

The same as all of her fights, her stupid opponent tried to cheap shot her when Ribas wanted to fist bump (respect), but Sales started to brawl only to get taken down and Ground-n-Pound Stoppage in early Round 1.

You can view the fight here (Credit to Marcelo Ribas for the upload)

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Amanda Ribas (2-0)/Ariane Cristina Souza (0-0) (Strawweight/115lb’s)

This fight was much better in that her opponent would land about 3 or 4 punches before being clinched and taken down with a BEAUTIFUL Inside Leg Trip where from here, she’d control her for the majority of the round. Eventually, the fight would be stood up, and they’d clinch again where Ribas TRIED a Hip Throw, but missed. However, she reversed it BEAUUUUTIFULLY rolling into a BEAUTIFUL and one of the most painful submissions, Leg Lock.

You can catch the fight here (Right Click – Open Tab) (Credit to Marcelo Ribas for the upload)

Amanda Ribas (3-0)/Aline Sattelmayer (9-6) (Strawweight/115lb’s)

While this fight is certainly one-sided, up to this point, this was the toughest fight in her career. She’d miss a Juji-Gatame/Armbar Attempt and be controlled for some of the round, but it’s the same as all of her prior fights. Sheer grappling control and note this BEAUTIFUL absolutely BEAUTIFUL level change in Round 3 by Ribas. Perfect timing and technique. You can truly tell her grappling is on-point! Her Judo is really good!

She would ultimately win by Unanimous Decision.

You can catch the fight here (Right Click – Open Tab) (Credit to Deusa MMA for the upload)

Amanda Ribas (4-0)/Tania Pereda (2-0) (Strawweight/115lb’s)

She’d be making her fourth fight yet again in dominating fashion sinking in a DEEEEP RNC (Rear-Naked Choke) on her foe. As you can tell, once her fights hit the ground, she’s consistently on you.

Catch her beautiful victory here (Right Click – Open Tab) (Credit to Deusas MMA for the upload)

Amanda Ribas (5-1)/Jennifer Gonzalez Araneda (2-2) (Strawweight/115lb’s)

This is probably viewed as her toughest test in terms of her wins. She’d be put on the defensive fighting off her back through some of the fight, but she’d wind up finishing her foe by Referee Stoppage Ground-n-Pound TKO in the second round!

You can catch the fight here (Right Click – Open Tab) (Credit to venceange for the upload)

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as myself because her grappling is something else to watch! It’s like whenever she takes it to the ground, it’s game over for her foes. She has ELITE top control, and neutralizes her opponents stand-up.

Her only loss comes by another highly talked prospect in Polyana Viana (8-1), and Ribas looks to continue her winning ways since capturing Mac Fight’s Strawweight Belt. She hasn’t fought since last May, so hopefully she gets more fight soon!

You can follow her on Twitter to give much deserved fan support!

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