Sijara Eubanks stays on UFC 230 card, now fighting Roxanne Modafferi


Sijara Eubanks has been on the mountaintop of UFC matchmaking, and just as quickly, she was in the valley. As of now, she is somewhere in between.

Originally, Eubanks (3-2) had been surprisingly scheduled to fight Valentina Shevchenko for the vacant women’s Flyweight title, replacing Joanna Jedrzejczyk. After much consternation, the fight between Shevchenko and Jedrzejczyk was rescheduled, and Eubanks was entirely left off the card.

She quickly vented her frustration on social media, and while it is unlikely that this moved the hearts of Dana White and Mick Maynard, she has been put back on the card to face WMMA pioneer Roxanne Modafferi.

Modafferi (22-14) fought Eubanks in an Ultimate Fighter 26 semifinal fight, which Eubanks won by unanimous decision.”The Happy Warrior” is coming off of a second-round TKO in July over fellow veteran Barb Honchak.

What do you think of this matchmaking? Who will take this Flyweight contest? Sarj or Roxy?

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  1. A fight no one was asking for. What is it with the UFC not having plans anymore? Is Dana White this inept without Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta? Announce a UFC 230 card with no main event, then place a fighter who just fought on the UFC 229 card in the main event of the UFC 230 card. Keep switching up on Sijara Eubanks like it’s no concern. Where is the forethought? The planning?

    1. yes. Lorenzo and especially Joe Silva were the brain of the operation. Dana was always just the mouthpiece. the only thing they plan is to have too many events per year and keep scrambling fights and stripping belts to make it all “work”.

  2. What is up w/the UFC and their matchmaking?! Valentina vs. Sarj was a mindblower to begin with, and now matching her up w/Roxie who she just beat last year? The simplest thing would just to have reinstated the Eye/Eubanks match-up for UFC 232. Another logical option would be to have Eubanks finally face Montano for the face-off that never was. Finally she could have fought someone like Liz whose one of the top contenders.

    Has anyone noticed the UFC’s reluctance to match TUF alumni’s with former BW’s who’ve moved down? I thought we were going to finally get one with Eye vs. Sarj but I guess they realized what a mockery that would have made of their whole TUF season to determine a champion.

    1. Eye vs Eubanks would have been a very close fight that could go either way, JR. You’re out of your mind ! They should have brought it back. Maybe Eye refused all the back and forth switching. Not really sure. I’ll check what she’s saying on social media about all this treatment of fighters like they’re circus animals !

      1. I probably should have added, “… if she had won” to my last sentence. Personally, I’d give the edge to Eye, and if she did win, you’d have the lowest UFC ranked former BW defeating one of the highest ranked TUF alumni, hence my statement. It’s a fight I would have much rather have seen than a rehash of the Sarj/Roxie matchup.

        1. Eye was still hovering in that 10, 11 area at 135 before she dropped down…Lauren Murphy was out of top 15 before she went on TUF. Ashlee Evans was hovering around 13, 14 before she dropped down. Chookagian, I believe, might have been lower than Eye or right around same.I’m talking re the UFC rankings. My point is Eye was definitely not the lowest.

          1. I put Lauren, Roxie, Nicco, and Sarj in the TUF alumni category, even though they fought most unremarkably at 135 previously.

            Good point about Ashlee. Even though she had a better record at 135, and was ranked higher, she has not been as active as Jessica at 125. Chookagian’s only MMA loss was a split decision to Carmouche and definitely was ranked at BW and is currently ranked much higher than Eye at 125. Don’t know why she’s taking the fight against Eye. As I stated elsewhere, it’s no benefit to her if she wins as far as moving up the ladder, and it will be a major setback if she loses. The proposed Jess/Katlyn and Sarj/Roxie fights just further my claim that the UFC is reluctant to match the TUF alumni’s with former BW’s .


          2. JR, we can cherry pick pieces of anything to fit our stories if we stretch enough. That’s your choice on whom you’re putting in the TUF fighters camp and who not. Think about this. Alexis Davis tried out, and they didn’t pick her for that same TUF, for whatever reason. So we could put Davis in that TUF camp if we’re going to be literal. That’s interesting about the Eye Chookagian fight, though. I hadn’t heard. Must have been announced today. I’m glad Eye is getting a big fight! After she beats Chookagian, they can’t ignore her anymore. I thought maybe they’d go for Eye vs Nicco, but starting to wonder if Chookagian and Valentina are at least right about Nicco maybe never fighting again. Eye vs Davis or Carmouche would have made more sense to me. I do agree that Sarj vs Roxanne rematch is a strange fight! That hypothesis of yours could be reversed though. Maybe they’re worried about the fighters most fans seem to be rallying behind losing to the TUF fighters. It could also be coincidence, though I do agree that that’s what was going on a little with Ostovich vs Montana, but they didn’t protect Shana Dobson. She fought a good fight against Contender winner Lauren Mueller, and Gillian Robertson, ground specialist, got tapped by a Brazilian newcomer in an awesome fight. Melinda Fabian, they haven’t been protecting. She lost a close decision. One last theory is that maybe Dana wants the TUF fighters to knock each other off, as he’s maybe not enthused by this group.

  3. Yeah!!! I’m mega-pumped. The Roxy story is a real life anime.

    Roxy gets revenge on Honchak.

    Roxy gets revenge on Sijara.

    Roxy gets revenge on Nicco.

    Culminating a 15 year career Roxy takes Valentina for the belt!!!

    OMG what a great underdog story. Rocky times a thousand. GOGOGO!!! YEAHHH

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