Shreveport police encourage Donny Aaron to turn himself in, Andrea Lee says incident won’t affect her UFC career

Following on from this past Wednesday’s story regarding the domestic violence incident involving UFC flyweight Andrea Lee and her husband, Donny Aaron – police in Shreveport, La are now awaiting a judge’s signature on an affidavit that will allow them to proceed on an arrest warrant for Aaron.

Lee promises incident won’t affect her UFC career.

With a warrant, the police can go to Aaron’s house and further investigate a shocking report of domestic violence against his wife, Andrea Lee. It could take up to one week to get the signature, according to Shreveport PD spokesperson Angie Willhite who spoke to MMAjunkie earlier today.

In the meantime, Shreveport police still hope to talk to Aaron and encourage him to come forward.

We always encourage people turn themselves in if they know they are wanted in connection with a crime,” Willhite said. “I don’t know this gentleman. I don’t know his character, and I don’t know if he’s the type of person who would do that. But I think there’s certainly enough information out there that we’re looking for him.

Lee, 29, was asked for comment earlier today by MMA Junkie and decided to keep things short.

I’m not going to talk about it right now,” she said. “I’m trying to move forward with things for my family. It’s not going to affect my UFC career.

Click HERE to view the full story and witness statement with regards to the shocking domestic violence incident involving Aaron and Lee.


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