Sarah Patterson opens up about ‘difficult’ transition from middleweight competitor to number-one ranked lightweight

Sarah Patterson will compete in the biggest fight of her career this Friday when she battles Jozette Cotton for the inaugural lightweight world title at Dynasty Combat Sports 37, airing live on FloCombat.

Patterson believes she will be the woman to put the lightweight division on the map.

Patterson (5-2), has been competing as a professional mixed martial artist since the year of 2002. She is riding high on a four-fight win streak which includes first round stoppages over Tamikka BrentsErica Grover and Kate Bloomfield. ‘Primal’ is currently the No. 1 ranked lightweight contender in the world. She believes she will be the woman to put the lightweight division on the map, much like Cris Cyborg with the featherweights and Ronda Rousey with the bantamweights.

The 32-year-old previously competed as a 185-pound middleweight, however since 2016 she has been competing as a lightweight, taking out top contenders in record-setting time including Brents and Killastina Makihele. In a previous interview with WMMA Rankings, Patterson opened up about her difficult transition from middleweight competitor to 155-pound lightweight title challenger.

As far as the transition, it was a difficult one. I’ve had troubles with overeating. I used to get depressed because I was overweight and then eat to feel better and then the cycle started over. I just had enough I guess. I need to go as far as I can with my MMA dreams before I get much older so now is the time.” Patterson told WMMA Rankings.

Patterson does not think Friday’s opponent, Jozette Cotton, is on her level. She is confident she will emerge with the lightweight title and says Cotton has a lot more to learn when it comes to MMA.

She’s tough and I’ve been knowing I’d end up fighting her for some time. I’ll be glad to get it out of the way. I’m planning to finish someone who hasn’t been finished in 9 fights” Patterson said.

I don’t believe Jozette is always realistic with herself. She seems to think she can just will herself to win, but there are many other factors aside from will. I believe she has more lessons to learn in MMA and life in general about respect” she continued.

‘DCS 37: September Fight Fest’ takes place on Friday September 1 from the Centurylink Center in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The event will air live on FloCombat from 8:30pm ET.

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