Roxanne Modafferi ready for anyone— including Valentina Shevchenko

UFC Flyweight and WMMA pioneer Roxanne Modafferi, fresh from her buoyant win over Barb Honchak, is brimming with confidence.

The win avenged a previous loss to Honchak, and was her first UFC win. The always lovable “Roxy” is nicknamed the “Happy Warrior” because of her positive demeanor and good humor, win or lose.

She said, “I feel so relieved “I feel so relieved to have won this fight. This is a fight I’ve wanted for seven years, and I feel like I won exactly the way I wanted to win. I’m really proud of my performance because I’ve been training so hard.”  I really needed this win in the UFC. I feel like, to validate myself for being in the UFC. But the rematch was one I wanted for seven years, so I don’t know (what’s more satisfying).”

That said, she is mystified about her actual place in the flyweight division. She said, “I don’t really understand how the rankings work. Because somehow I dropped in the rankings and Barb rose above me despite neither of us having fought anybody. Whatever. I hope to rise in the rankings now, however that works, to work my way back up to title contention.”

Her aspirations have no limits, and include the division’s number one contender, Valentina Shevchenko. Regarding the prospect of fighting the popular contender, she simply stated, “I would like to say on record that I’m not afraid of anyone in my weight division. So bring them on.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Roxy fight Valentina?



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    1. Well, Mark, she had sure put all of these hidden talents to use if she gets the opportunity to face Shevchenko.

  1. all I know is it’s mid July, it’s time to strip Nicco already and make a goddamn title fight in that division. this is way past ridiculous already. Nicco can be locked in as the next contender whenever she is healthy enough to compete. but this division has stalled enough.

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