Roxanne Modafferi keeps it respectful & classy in response to comments made by Team Barber

Roxanne Modafferi has issued a response to a statement made by Maycee Barber’s manager and father, Bucky Barber.

Roxanne Modafferi handed Maycee Barber her first loss in MMA this past Saturday at UFC 246.

On Tuesday, Bucky Barber issued a controversial statement in which he appeared to completely discredit Roxanne Modafferi for her victory over his client, who also happens to be his daughter, at this past Saturday’s UFC 246 event. He says Maycee ‘was not beaten by the better skill-set’ and questions whether she really lost at all. He believes Maycee lost due to ‘bad luck’ and was once again adamant his daughter suffered a complete ACL tear in the first ten-seconds of the very first-round.

The statement has been met by mixed comments on social media, with a large number of the MMA community believing Barber should give some credit to Modafferi.

Modafferi herself has caught wind of Bucky’s comments and took to her Twitter page to issue a response. ‘The Happy Warrior’ isn’t phased by the comments and is still full of respect for Maycee Barber.

Meh, fathers are supposed to be biased and say stupid things. Mine used to say, “I’m proud of you…so are you retiring yet?” Not anymore, though. 🙂 At least she didn’t say it. I still respect Maycee for being a warrior.” Modafferi said.

The 37-year-old is a veteran and pioneer of the sport who has been fighting as a professional since 2002. She’s enjoyed a successful run since re-signing with the UFC in 2017, challenging for the flyweight title, as well as picking up notable wins over the likes of Antonina Shevchenko, Barb Honchak, and now Maycee Barber.

Fight fans, who would you like to see Modafferi fight next? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. If for some reason the UFC isn’t booking JoJo vs. Maia, which they should be, then Roxy should face JoJo and the winner gets to challenge for the title. Eye can then face Maia.

    1. Mmmm, Maia and those weight misses though… UFC HQ might not wanna put her in yet another high stakes pairing until she shows she’s got that locked down, and I’d understand if that was their stance. Let’s see, I guess. 🙂

  2. Maybe now that Roxy has a little sauce she can goad Valentina into a title shot? You know she doesn’t like what Roxy did to her sister.

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