Roxanne Modafferi details verbal exchange with Barber during UFC 246 fight, disagrees with father’s claims that injury occurred in first ten-seconds

Roxanne Modafferi has spoken in detail about her fight against Maycee Barber at the recent ‘UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy’ event.

Modafferi defied the oddsmakers by defeating Barber at UFC 246.

Modafferi (24-16-0) defeated Barber via a dominant unanimous decision at last Saturday’s event, in the process becoming the first woman to hand ‘The Future’ a loss in MMA.

During the fight, there was a notable moment in round-two when Modafferi landed a shot on Barber who fell to the ground holding her knee. This injury seemed to bother Barber for the remainder of the fight.

On Sunday, Maycee’s father, Bucky Barber, revealed that his daughter suffered a fully torn ACL during the fight. He claims the injury occurred during the first ten-seconds of the bout.

Modafferi disagrees with Bucky about when exactly the injury occured.

I don’t think it was the first 10 seconds,” Modafferi said during an appearance on The Ariel Helwani Show on Monday. “I think it was when I hit her in the second round, she stepped and went down funny. I think it was just that accident … the step was the accident, not the punch.”

Barber’s father claims his daughter suffered the injury during the first ten-seconds of the fight against Modafferi.

Despite knowing during the fight that something was wrong with Barber’s leg, Modafferi had no intention of targeting it.

I just knew that it was bothering her,” Modafferi said. “Never once did it cross my mind to kick the leg. Some people would. I was going to take advantage of the mobility issue, but I didn’t really want a huge injury. That sucks, really, for anybody.

I didn’t really think [those] thoughts during the fight, but now I’m reflecting on it [and] one of my philosophies as a martial artist is to win fights without causing actual pain. That’s why I love jiu-jitsu. You can choke them, they go to sleep or they tap out.”

‘The Happy Warrior’ went on to reveal a verbal exchange she had with Barber, both during and after the fight.

I said I’m sorry, actually during the fight. I don’t talk to people during the fight, but when she went down I accidentally said I’m sorry, but it was more like I have to keep beating you now,” Modafferi said. “I hated that her leg was injured and she said, ‘No, it’s OK, it’s all part of the game.’ And then we kept punching each other.

After the fight I said, ‘You will be a champion someday.’ I believe that. She’s talented, she’s a hard worker.”

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  1. I liked Roxanne’s performance most definitely. I wasn’t to happy with Maycee grabbing the mic from Joe after the fight. You can talk back stage like the rest of the losers do,unless Joe asked to speak to you.

  2. Great fight. Stole the show. Won me $861.

    That dude said ten seconds but he failed to mention the first ten seconds of the SECOND ROUND. Roxy kicked her ass in the first round, including outboxing her. He’s deliberately sending out misleading info. He must be a republican.

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